Our Services

Improve your space

Whether it is a traditional home or a funky urban condo, we can enhance your personal style with our custom designed furniture, built-ins, and spaces.

Custom Furniture

With creativity, skill, and a love for old wood, we create pieces that live up to our motto, "Furniture for life, made by hand". We also welcome and embrace the input from our clients so that we can create pieces that are true design colaborations.

Custom Building

Using wood, concrete, metal and glass, we create unique spaces with style and character. While the appearance is very important our attention to detail and quality allows us to give our clients unique and functional features to all of our projects

Design Services

Whether adding a piece of custom furniture to your existing space, or creating and entirely new space, you can maximize the impact by using our design service. We can create detailed renderings of the space, give you design options, and after completion we can accessorise and detail the space to make it complete

Custom Space Design

Your home is more than just a series of rooms. It is an ever changing expression of your self and your family. Whether you are building a brand new home of refreshing a single room, we can help you find ideas for making living spaces more stylish and welcoming. Through our process, we work with you to choose furnishings and accessories that maximize flexibility and make your house a distinctive retreat.

Together we can explore ways to carve out relaxing spaces that you simply have to slow down and settle into. Creating a comfortable home that reflects our unique character is one of life's greatest pleasures and one of its greatest rewards.

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